Meet the Doulas

Amber Fannin

Since long before I became a mother myself I have been mesmerized by the beauty of birth.  My first eye-opening experience was attending my sister's first delivery.  It was a natural, in-hospital birth and I was hooked immediately.  After that I attended many births of friends and found that providing support and encouragement to a laboring mother was very natural and intuitive for me. 

I worked as a Doula for a couple of years while I was in nursing school. I had to suspend completing my nursing degree when I got married and became pregnant with my own child. 

My first delivery was in the hospital. I had pitocin for 18 hours and finally an epidural for the last 2 hours.  My second and third babies were born naturally at home. My third was a water birth. I will soon be able to share about my fourth delivery as I am due June 1st, 2013!

I was a pretty good Doula before I had my own babies but feel that my personal experience has only increased my compassion and understanding of the birth process.

Joanne Feci DONA International

I am the proud mommy of two wonderful little boys, and have been married to my love, Joey, for 9 years. Babies and birth have followed me my entire life. Since I can remember I wanted to be an OB/GYN, however, life happened but has brought me full circle into the wonderful world of pregnancy and birth! My passion for helping women during childbirth began during a friend's labor that I attended in which I watched all of her wishes for her dream birth disappear. My heart was broken at how it all unfolded and I determined in my heart that I would not go through something like that with my own births. I began researching and getting involved in the Atlanta birth community. I delivered my first son naturally after 72 hours of labor, with the help of a wonderful Doula friend who encouraged me and supported my husband and I during the long event! My youngest son was born too fast for even the midwife to make it to the hospital on time!

I am passionate about helping women and families achieve the birth experience they desire, whether it's a natural, medicated or surgical birth, I believe the emotional and physical support that a doula can offer during labor is invaluable. I recently completed my training with DONA International. I am also a nursing student at Brenau University where I am working on my BSN with a goal to pursue a career as a certified nurse midwife. I look forward to serving women in our community with the love and support that a doula can offer!