Services & Fees

Service Package

----Three prenatal visits (the first visit is free).  The first visit is 30-60 minutes with the second visit 1-2 hours.  The third visit is 1-2 hours long and allows us to finalize your birth plan.
----Education about birth options and choices
----Library of current childbirth books and DVDs
----Referrals to doctors/midwives/childbirth educators that fit your desires
----Help with writing Birth Plan                 
----Phone support
----24hr. on call support two weeks before your due date and two weeks after your due date
----Continuous Labor Support; at home and/or hospital
----Massage and Acupressure during labor
----Use of birth ball and cold and warm massage tools
----Help after the birth for 1-2 hours
----Postpartum phone support for 1-2 weeks after birth
----Prayer and encouragement  

**The rate for the above package is $550. Certified doulas in the Atlanta area charge between $500-$800.  Our fee reflects our training and experience as well as the one-on-one attention and support you will receive. This is usually paid in three payments of $183.33 each with a deposit at your first prenatal appointment and final payment a week before your due date. If you have special financial considerations we can work out an extended payment plan.  If we are traveling 30 miles or further a travel fee may apply. We are always open to bartering, just ask!  

Pay for doula services with cash, money order or with PayPal